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New: The private sightseeing tour of Paris for 4 to 7 people groups
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A nice article about Ecovisit's sightseeing tours in the New York Times..
Free car seat (0-4 years) for your sightseeing tour of Paris or airport transfer.

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» The Ecovisit Paris concept
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The Ecovisit Paris concept


Make your trip to Paris an Ecovisit !


 Do you know where is located the very first office building in the world exclusively lit with LEDs, the bulbs of the future?
And how Paris helps preserve bees?
How many trees has Paris, the most afforested European capital?

Get a totally uncommon view of Paris through an original guided tour: your chauffeur will show you the main Parisian monuments aboard the least polluting car on the market. He will also point out to you concrete initiatives favouring the environment in Paris!

The programme of these day or night tours in French or English includes historical anecdotes about Paris most beautiful monuments (Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum…). On the way you will also learn more about the green side of Paris: a building exclusively lit with LEDs on Champs Elysées Avenue, the benefits of ecodriving, or how the city comes to the assistance of the bees that are given such a rough handling in the countryside. 

“Ecovisit Paris” also provides a service of hybrid car rental with chauffeur whether you want to go shopping or to an appointment, as well as private transfers between Paris and its airports for a competitive price and eco-friendly weekends including green labelled accommodation. 

Another advantage, enjoy the smooth ride and relax in the comfortable leather seats of the Prius, with a chauffeur trained at eco-driving, as well as the silent electric engine, to review the ecological press.

The “Ecovisit Paris” Prius car is easily recognizable thanks to its leaves of Gingko Biloba, the most ancient tree in the world, strong enough for the past 270 billion years to even survive Hiroshima nuclear bomb, but whose existence is threatened today in its natural environment. It is urgent to do something, now!

Ecovisit Paris, an environmentally friendly private hire service in Paris
Effects of global warming are more visible every day: it’s time to act more environmentally friendly in terms of transport, the largest source of carbon emissions in France.
This service is an opportunity for everyone to take part in the challenge facing us: the Toyota Prius, the cleanest four-door sedan on the market (104g CO2/km), the principles of eco-driving and offsetting emissions of C02 minimize our impact on the environment.
A company that acts daily to preserve the environment: limited and ecological paper printing, waste sorting, an office lit with low consumption bulbs, and a car washed with no water. 

Ecovisit Paris Ltd
Eco-friendly private hire service in Paris
+33 (0) 6 10 19 32 81

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